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Soapstand makes it easy to reduce your waste, save money and refill your soaps!

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Soapstand provides the opportunity for you to rent or purchase a station for your business.

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 We have had the Soapstand Refillery Station in our store for the last year. It has been a great addition to our store. It is fast & convenient to use, and customers are saving money along with helping the environment by reusing their containers. Working with the Soapstand group has been a great experience.

Cam (Store Owner)

I'm happy to finally have a convenient place to refill soaps so that I don't have to keep buying and throwing out plastic containers. It's so unnecessarily wasteful! The Soapstand refillery is very easy to use. And the citrus dish and laundry soaps work well and smell nice.

Carole (Soapstand Customer)

Loved the experience and quality of these Soapstand stations. Being sustainable and affordable along with a nice touch-screen and innovation is just great and amazing. Would love to see more of these in action.

Ash (Soapstand Customer)