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The Entrepeneur

We know exactly how hard it is to run a zero-waste business, so we created Soapstand for you. Grow your business with this smart refillery while saving time and money.

Retail & Grocery

With your customers becoming more conscious about their plastic usage, Soapstand is a great way to make both a statement and start your zero-waste journey without the hassle.


We believe zero-waste and reuse is for everyone. To realize the future we all want, we need every single person on-board. If you have an idea on how we can partner, let's talk.

soap refillery dispensers for your business

why choose Soapstand
01 ─ Clean and Fast
Manual filling takes a long time and can be a sticky experience. With Soapstand, you can fill a single 1 litre / 32oz bottle as fast as 20 seconds
02 ─ Interactive
With our large touchscreen, interact with customers by telling them about your product with more than just words.
03 ─ Powerful
Soapstand comes with a growing list of features, such as mutli-variable coupons, that gives you the tools needed to grow your business.
04 ─ Plug and Play
We made setting up each station hassle-free. After a quick initial set up, just literally plug the station into the outlet to begin selling packaging-free.
05 ─ Operate Remotely
Save time by using our Soapstand portal to manage your fleet and products with a click of a finger.
06 ─ Scalable
By choosing Soapstand, you can easily add on an extra Soapstand to quickly build your fleet efficiently and cost-effectively.
Business in a box
meet our most powerful station ever
Soapstand makes being sustainable easy, fast & effective
What is that one step you’ve been looking for when promoting a more sustainable lifestyle? That roadblock that made it hard, yeah we took care of it for you.
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